i love workshops…

This week gorgeous post from Ivan is on the workshopping:)

‘In the workshop, each of your fellow writers becomes what is for any writer potentially that most cherished of people – a reader.  From them you may learn to modify, cut or develop a piece of work, or simply hold on to what is dear to you.’

Cliff Fell – Poet.

San Martino, Lucca

 Writing is a very personal experience.  It offers the opportunity to free our voice in complete isolation without interruption or judgment from anyone or anything else.  We are able to ‘speak’ freely, without fear of being judged or condemned for our thoughts.  It is only natural that sharing our words with others can make us feel vulnerable and exposed.  So, why workshop?

     There are many positive benefits to writing in a workshop situation.  We all have something to contribute, and there is much we can learn from others in the process.  All of us are learners.  From the least experienced writer in the group to the most, there is always potential to learn and grow.

     Work-shopping allows us to see our work through different sets of eyes.  Working with our peers, exposes us to different points of views, thoughts and attitudes.  Whether we realise it or not, we all have strengths when it comes to both writing and critiquing, and these will become evident on the I love Lucca workshops.  I have learned that even when given the same topic, starter, stimulus to commence from, the pieces will contrast greatly albeit with some commonalities.  We all have a different perspective of how we view and interpret the world.

     As we progress you will find that the opinions, suggestions and contributions and works from the other writers will become your teachers.  In this learning environment, we can take on board or dismiss feedback and advice as we see fit, staying mindful that our objective is develop pieces that reach their ultimate potential.

     The workshops and critique sessions will allow us to re-write our first drafts, with the goal of presenting a final work that is articulate, polished and delivers to maximum effect.   As we grow together and become familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, the feedback we are given will stay with us even after the tour, and will speak to us as we write in the future.

     To ensure a safe and respectful environment to offer and receive constructive criticism we will observe some guidelines as to how we critique each other’s works.  I will elaborate on this in future posts.

Mmmmm Lucca torte!!

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