Where I write – Ivan James Miller

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread,

places to play in and pray in,where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.

John Muir     (1838 -1914)

My current environment lies deep in the secluded countryside of New Zealand’s Waikato region.  Here, I wake to the sounds of native bird-song, and cattle bellowing to one another in neighbouring paddocks.   The air is fresh and clean, and the smell of bush and flowers compete only with the organic aroma of the animals nearby.  I am saturated in a vibrant sea of green – pasture, native ferns, trees and hills that recede into a soft blue in the distance.

     Environment can be so instrumental to writing.  It can evoke magic via our senses – smell, taste, sight, hearing, touch, and on a much deeper level, our spiritual self.  A new and unfamiliar location and our own personal experience of it, can greatly impact on one’s writing.

     Lucca offers opportunities for deep and  intense reflection, uncluttered by the surrounds of our everyday lives.  It will also provide a chance to record your impressions of an experience that is rich in many flavour, immersed in culture, history, architecture and cuisine.  Combine this with some intense work-shopping and critiquing sessions with new and interesting friends, and we have a recipe for greatness.

During this tour, I will show you different methods to source the words that best articulate your individual voices and experience.    You will be given tools to guide you in the art of observation and we will share and discuss our differences of perspective.  After all, we all have a different view of what we see.  This will involve short mindfulness exercises, and ‘sketches’ in different locations.  The I Love Lucca  workshop allows for flexibility that will best serve your individual strengths, and personal goals of what you wish to achieve.

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