i love Italian Lessons…

Tinny keeping warm in winter!!

Sorry, have been very quiet of late…

Busy dreaming up new holiday ideas and practicing my Italian before it gets really rusty…

Err, I feel it is already…vocally anyhow…and it depends on how tired I am too…

Some days it’s all good and I can have an adult conversation but others it’s all BAD and I have a 5-year-old conversation, barely:)

I need another few weeks (years actually) at Lucca Italian School!!’

But as I am at home, It is at the Dante school in Auckland , i will be going to…

I start again next week.

Argh, Lessons terrify me as I always feel terrible at speaking…even though i love the sound of Italian.

Lorella in Panzano….

I was doing conversation classes with Lorella in Panzano via Skype but the hours didn’t suit…

But if you are interested , check Lorella out, she is fabulous…

I work till 8pm, so need to Skype her about 9-10 pm here and i am usually buggered by then and my brain barely functions in English let alone Italian:)

Once my lessons in person get on a bit, I will pick up conversation lessons again with Lorella.

Anyway I do digress….

Auckland Winter….

As it comes into winter here in NZ, it has got me thinking of the writers workshop coming up this autumn and winter in Lucca.

Check it out if you haven’t already!!

My main purpose today was to repost Antonella’s blog from today on two fab Lucca videos!!

Check it out below:)

Missing Lucca!!

Two amazing videos about Lucca by Mark Wolter

10 must see places in Lucca:
but I can suggest you many more! ;)

Lucca love & hate!
must see it :-)


Ci Vediamo!!!



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