i love Ponte del Diavolo….

ARGH!!! Me terrified....but look at the view!!
Me on Ponte del Diavolo

I saw this morning that Joanna @ Love Bagni di Lucca had posted a fabulous post about Ponte Del Diavolo…

I always like to reblog and share her posts as they are always interesting and often give me longings for Lucca and the area:)

I like this post by LOVE BAGNI DI LUCCA especially as I just love Ponte del Diavolo.

Imagine living in the house next to the bridge!!

So go on, have a look!! and then enjoy my photos of the bridge below!!

Love Bagni di Lucca Ponte del Diavolo!!

You have to see this bridge!!

 I tell you the drama ,I had, to get here the first time!!

I walked along the bloody motorway…Caught the train to Borgo a Mozzano and then walked map in hand through the town.

Now I am the worst map reader of all time…Rather than going on the road  with the houses that stops just by the bridge, I go along the MOTORWAY….

Insane, but I got there, luckily it was winter then….not much traffic

My view from the motorway….
On top of the bridge
the sign!!

My other dilemma here was that I HATE heights and the bridge was unlike walking over other bridges…

Seriously, I was terrified on the leaning tower of Pisa, that was sooooo bad!!!

I couldn’t go all the way up:)

We will not even go into the terrors walking around the Cupola in Duomo in Firenze!!

But as I was alone with no one to hold my hand, I had to grit my teeth and do it…which you can see from the photo of me on the bridge, I did!!

Stunning views, it was cold but as you can see, a clear day. Gorgeous!!

Each subsequent visit has meant I go along the proper road, up along via della Reppublicca and then sort of onto the local motorway road…sort of…

Argh, you know what I mean…

Come join me for an adventure in Lucca and we can take in the Ponte Della Maddalena together!!

I will hold your hand!! and we will have a restorative Grappa afterwards!!

Well I will:)

La stazione






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