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Today I have the pleasure of a guest on my blog.
Debra from Bagni di Lucca Blog  has kindly agreed to let me be a nosey kiwi bird.
I do hope you all enjoy the following post as from now on ,
I am going to be featuring 1-2 posts a month that are guest blog posts from
people that have some connection with Lucca,
whether it be loving Lucca from afar, living in Lucca as native or expat, a business, a school….
I have coming up many exciting guests ,  Heather from Sapori e Saperi,  Daniele from Lucca Italian School,
Ilaria, a Lucca Guide,  Andrew from Destination Lucca,  Ivan Miller, a NZ poet who will be taking a writers workshop in Lucca ,
Antonella , Foodie and Lucca History Tour Guide, Brian Lindquist, ,Fabulous author of Wanderer’s guide to Lucca 
and many other exciting people who like myself and Debra LOVE Lucca!!
Once again, mille grazie, to Debra for being i love Lucca’s guest today!!

Bagni di Lucca Tennis Club...

 How and when did you discover Bagni di Lucca?
We first came to Bagni di Lucca 10 years ago. It was 1st March 2003, my 50th birthday.
The area had been recommended by a friend in Australia.
We did no research at all.
We came to Bagni di Lucca, loved it, and decided to buy here.
It is close to lovely Lucca, Florence, the coast, skiing and very central within Europe making it easy to get to France, Germany and other wonderful countries.

Fornoli , Bagni di lucca

What is it about BDL that brings you back, year after year? Why not Helsinki or another part of Italy?
We bought an apartment here and we have built a house in the mountains, so we have very good reasons to return regularly.
I love Helsinki, and visit several times a year, but Italy has my heart.
 Were you immediately accepted into the local community?
We were accepted by the community, but we really made an effort in this area.
We are learning Italian and try to support local businesses where we can.
Our apartment is almost always full of travelling Australians which helps to bring money to the village.

Casino, Bagni di Lucca

What are your favourite sagras in the area?
I love the local festivals.
There are a few in our village, including a chestnut festival and a few art activities.
There is always something going on in the area. (There are some great photos on Bella Bagni di Lucca about the local archery competition last year)
Your favourite local dish?
Porcini mushrooms are plentiful in our area a couple of times a year, so I suppose they would be my favourite local food, but I love anything with fennel or cavolo nero.

passerella giuseppe pardini

 BDL has a big Scottish/ British population, why do you think this is?
Barga has a big Scottish community.
Bagni di Lucca is very popular with British people probably because the village was popular in the early 1800s when Shelley and Byron and the Barrett Brownings visited the area.
There was a large English community then and the tradition has continued. Also, the village is close to Pisa airport, making it cheap and easy for them to get here.
Your favourite places in Lucca/Bagni di Luccaor surrounding areas?
I absolutely love Lucca and go several times a week.
I also love Florence and the coastal towns of Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta.
There are dozens of villages dotted through the mountains, and they all have something different to offer, including wonderful restaurants serving delicious local food.
If you only had one day in the area, where would you go?
If I had just one day I would go to Lucca, walk around the walls, have lunch at Paris Boheme, shop at In Villa, Le Sorelle and wander through the gorgeous streets.

Treccia in Lucca

 Your blog is amazingly popular, what do you think contributes to its success?
I think my blog is popular because I keep it light and positive.
If I don’t like a town or a restaurant I don’t write about it. I only write about things I really like, which isn’t difficult in Italy.
I didn’t really start taking photos until I started the blog and I think they have improved a lot over the last few years.
The posts I write about local things are the most popular. When I started the blog 3 years ago it was to help friends staying at our place discover the area.
It grew, and developed a life of its own and began to include other places I visit, so I started the second blog called Bella Bagni di Lucca, which is just about the area.
I also write one called Beautiful Helsinki, because I love Finland and particularly Helsinki, which I visit several times a year.
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