i love vegetables…

or should that be amo le verdure?

First signs of tomatoes….

Happy New Year and what a year it is going to be!!!  Hubby and I thought we would grow some vegetables at the end of last year.

Left it a little late but you know what they say….Better late than never!!

Neither of us are green fingered or is that thumbed?

But we thought what the hell…Gotta live a little…

the start of it all….and the builders crack….

We decided on fairly easy stuff, well the kids had their say too…

Strawberries for Alex, Watermelon, cherry and roma tomatoes for me, Olli didn’t care and Grant got, lettuce, courgette and cucumbers….

We planted them at the start of November….

I also refreshed my herbs with some more rosemary, chilli, basil and parsley…

First stirrings….late november 2012
first week of december 2012…. (8 days later) 
Roma tomatoes…
Cherry Tomatoes early december 2012]

I was and am very excited about the watermelon as I have never seen a watermelon grown and I wasn’t sure we have enough room etc….

I would like to do carrots and potatoes next year and we will look at doing some winter veg here in march when all this is done:)

First tomato 16 december 2012!!
Rosemary mid december 2012
Grow little buddies!!! 20th december 2012
Proud hubby with the first lettuce!!
Roma’s growing…Late december…
Cherries….1st January 2013
Chilli at end of December 2012
First courgettes , 1st January 2013
First cucumbers , 30 december 2012
First flowers…3rd January 2013
First watermelon…VERY EXCITING- 3rd January 2013

So lots of water, sun, and love will be needed…..

Even if I just get one watermelon.

Our lettuce is almost all eaten, hopefully the tomatoes will be ready soon….


Drunken bastard greedybread trifle...

Don’t forget, keep your eyes peeled for the NEW TOURS which will be up in the next week.

Very exciting writers workshop with  NZ poet &  memoirist Ivan Miller in November 2013!!!


Join Ivan and myself in Luscious Lucca for some, writing, wine, poetry, wonderful food, laughs and an adventure of a lifetime:)

and a fabulous new greedybread(  bread and baking  adventures) in Lucca tour


More soon…..

San Michele


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