i love Urenika…..Purple Rewena…

I thought you would like a post about one of our NZ breads, Rewena.

Urenika Rewena Bread

It is like the potato bread made in the Garfagnana, Pane di Patate but it is like a sourdough in the sense it is allowed to ferment for 2-3 days.

What I have done here, is taken those black potatoes I got from the markets last week…remember?

I used those potatoes because Rewena is a Maori bread and I wanted to see how Maori potatoes worked in the starter.

There are a few varieties of the potatoes, so I will try them all:)

I have been meaning to, but you get busy:)


Made with the Urenika potatoes from La Cigale last week


Hmmmm..Are you thinking???Hmmmm..Are you thinking???

I took my rewena recipe and used a different potato.

I am going to try it with a variety of the potatoes.

I have been meaning to for a while but never seemed to get round to it.

purple mash....purple mash….

The bread tastes wonderful…


I was so wrapped up in the starter, I didn’t really taste the potato alone.

Tomorrow…off to get some from the markets again:)

Very very similar to the original recipe, but slightly more tangy and of course purpley looking:)

Day one brew....Day one brew….

Day three and ready to useDay three and ready to use

Ready to rise...Ready to rise…

Ready to shape..Ready to shape..

Stencilled....ready for 2nd risingready for 2nd rising



Dig in...Dig in…


Gorgeous crustGorgeous crust

Up closeUp close

Puss Puss says tasty....Puss Puss says tasty


Rewena Recipe

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