i love Kiwi Xmas…..

Xmas tree a la Nz style!!Xmas tree a la Nz style!!  

 Well in all honesty, I would love a white Xmas BUT my family is in NZ:)

NZ Xmas means HEAT, HEAT and HEAT!!

 but that is how our Xmas is…

It makes you wonder how we eat all that hot food….

We tend to have BBQ’s, big elaborate BBQ affairs, well more so in the selection of meats…

kiwi bbqkiwi bbq

Xmas BBQXmas BBQ

Dream BBQ!!Dream BBQ!!

Anything that can be bbq’d, we will do it!!

Well not quite like the Aussies with the crocodile, snake and Ostrich but almost:)

Ham, chicken, goose, duck,sausages, beef patties, chicken kebabs, turkey, lamb,Seafood galore, fish,  steak and the list goes on:)

We do not bbq KIWI, before you ask:)

Kiwi BBQKiwi BBQ

What else do we have? Salads, lots of salads, breads, Beer, drinks, usually lots of drinks…

Trifle, Pavlova, scorched almonds, chocolate, meringue….


Depends on your family….

But I think most families get up, have a brekky within their immediate family and open some presents etc and then maybe go to one person in the wider families for dinner and drinks…

We usually have brekky here and then go to Grants mothers for the day/night.

When I was a kid, we would go to our Grandmas and all our cousins and rellies would be there but as you get older and have your own family, things change.

Kiwi tuckerKiwi tucker

We  have bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, spaghetti and toast for Xmas brekky, champagne,maybe some strawberries and then usually have a lite lunch, and the kids eat things from their santa bags…

Each year I do a santa bag for my boys and grant, even though they are all a bit old, especially grant!!

In it is usually little gifts, but mainly sweets, drinks, chips and food that person likes…

I used get oranges in my santa bag and a bottle of fanta…and lollies…

The santa bag was the best of all….I still remember how exciting that was.

Christmas eve and Xmas night was so long!!

Santa bags...Santa bags…

NZ XMAS TREENZ XMAS TREE ERR the flowers anyhow>>

Sometimes people go to Midnight Mass on Xmas eve.

I have been a few times and it does make it christmassy, if you know what I mean.

I still think though, with it being so hot, it doesn’t seem like Xmas.

I know, as I have never had a white Xmas, you may ask “how would I know?’

I just feel it, if that makes sense…

One day!!!One day!!!

Anyway, I best go do some more food prep….

My Stollen fruit is soaking in rum and I will be making a Pandoro on Saturday…

Hubby will make the pav, he makes an excellent one….

Ham to glaze and biscuits to make…

Christmas gifts to buy…..

My cats have told me they want bacon , thanks, for Xmas lunch too!!

Merry KIWI Xmas!!

Kiwi Xmas...

Kiwi Xmas…

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