i love la bella lingua….

but at times when i struggle, there is so much info, I am never sure where to turn.

My old texts, Rosetta stone discs, online lessons, google, grammar books…….?????

even saying it outloud or in your head doesn’t always do the trick…

Sometimes, you just want it easily explained and some sites/ books make it way more complex than need be!!


I found the above  site tonight when looking up  the dreaded gerund variations….

Sometimes, i think Italian is so hard but then I think imagine ENGLISH!!!


Italian is hard grammar wise but phonetically it is easier….

But no matter as Italian is so beautiful (i think) on the ear.

English is sooooooo bland in comparison and we tend to mumble too…

Where as in Italian you need to open your mouth to sound out every letter…

Arrivederci a domani!!

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