Running.. i forgot to say

that i love running too.

Now I know you are probably thinking “ God, she loves everything, I bet she is one of those eternally happy people that sometimes you want to slap or ask if they take valium“.

Nope, not me, i am a grump in the morning and i don’t love everything but the few things i do love, I am VERY passionate about. I am very much a love or hate, no wishy washy with me really.

The reason I am so happy today is that i went for a run. This in itself is not a major thing, well it sort of is. 7-8 months ago i hurt my leg and i kept on running. When I went to the physio in october , he told me NO running for at least 3-4 weeks, no running type activities, no, no, no!! ARGH!! Then it was no running for what was 3-4 months and I did not run again until I got to Lucca in February. Now i actually don’t like walking, I will tolerate biking and swimming but i truly love running. I run most days. I run when I am angry, sad, upset anything, i run. Running became my new best friend when i stopped smoking. Wanted a smoke, run. Wanted to kill someone from not smoking, run. Craving, run. Only when I ran did i escape the constant craving of those devil sticks.

I had run on and off for about 8 years but as you can imagine, when you smoke, running is NOT your best friend. So when i injured my leg, i was gutted!! What could i do? Nothing. So today I went for a run around One Tree Hill, which sort of has a tree lined street like at the top of Lucca walls.

Twin Oak drive, One tree Hill, Auckland, NZ

I haven’t run up there since i hurt my leg because I have been avoiding hills as I didnt want to place extra strain on my leg.

I was worried that I would not make it up the hills BUT BUT BUT up the hill I went, ha ha like the old pro I am!! Yippee!! Extreme jubilation.

I haven’t been running much since I got home as after 3-4 weeks of running round Lucca walls with NO traffic, it was quite frightening to run at home and I can’t get up at 5.30am to run like i did last year.

So not only can I still run, my fitness has not decreased too much. Another yay!! and when I finished by my 50 minutes, I felt great!! Like a very famous NZer, I felt like I had conquered Everest!!

Tonight Grant and I are going to recreate the Pide we had in Istanbul. Yummmmmmmm. The recipe is in the recipes section.

Ha ha- me with the Pide master!!



And yes, it is chips in one of them. Some Pide places put chips in them as well but the MASTER above,nope, he would have shot me had he seen my beauties below.


Pide ready to go in the oven.hmmmmmmm


All ready to eat.

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